Creating new habits… Creating new habits can be challenging when you are in a transition. 


On one hand, you want to commit to going to bed early and have a healthy lifestyle as it will contribute to the energy levels you want to have in order to work on your business.


But on the other hand, it’s just summer and you also want to go for a bevvie with your friends. Dilemma Dilemma…


Here’s the thing there are lots of tips that can help you to create new habits such as:


1️⃣ Starting small. Big behavior changes typically require a high level of motivation that often can’t be sustained. So starting small helps.


2️⃣Make it easy for yourself. If you want to go to the gym in the morning for example. Pack your bag before you go to bed or put your workout clothes out next to your bed.


3️⃣Reward yourself. Getting a reward will help you to keep up the good habit.


There are many more than the three above but if you ask me there’s a clue in the first tip. Big behaviour changes require a lot of motivation and commitment. 


It is in how we see our commitment that I believe there’s an opportunity. Commitment for a lot of people gives you a sense that you are limiting your freedom. 


You want to be free to do what you want when you want right? You want to experience it all…


However, what if we reframe the word commitment though?🧐


What if being committed gives your freedom?


Commitment can give you freedom as you’re no longer distracted by unimportant things. You focus on things that make you happy and lead to progress on whatever you desire. It can also make decisions easier because you’re focusing on the items your deem important. No more FOMO.


I personally love how Paulo Coelho says it.


“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me.”


PS: if you could use a reframe on your beliefs to allow you to accelerate your transition goals, drop me a line and we can have a no expectation connect call.