It’s curious how making decisions can be quite daunting and difficult. We overthink and get so into our heads that we doubt ourselves. 

It can even lead to doing nothing. Analysis paralysis sound familiar?

The bigger the decision the more difficult it becomes.
*think deciding to go solo and leaving the safeties of a steady job*

So instead of just relying on the pros and cons list and overthinking the hell out of it all here are 3 alternative ways to support a decision.


1️⃣Imagine you’ve made a choice and you’re walking down that path. Now project yourself  6 months from now or even further…12 months. How do you feel (about yourself, the situation,etc…)? 

Do this for each option and look at what stands out to you.


2️⃣Look at what values you are honouring by choosing each option. Look at how each option links back to your top values and then rank the value, not the option!

For example, deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship honours your value of freedom, independence, and adventure… or staying in corporate honours your value of safety.

You then might rank freedom higher than safety. Et voila, another way to make a decision.


3️⃣ Use your intuition. Center yourself, quieten the mind, and then ask a question to yourself about the choice you want to make. Observe your intuitive response.

It’s important to be objective and open to any answer that might come up.


If you would like to look at your decision making or are on the verge of deciding to go solo let’s have a no strings attached chat.